How many tile stickers should I order?

To calculate the number of tiles you need to order:
  • Measure the area you want to cover with your tile stickers
  • Use these measurements to work out the number of square metres (100x100cm) you need to cover
  • Times this amount by the number of tiles suggested below per square metre for the type of tile sticker you intend to order 
  • Add an extra 10% for wastage to allow for cutting to fit around objects on your wall or floor such as power points, pipes and drains
Your final calculation gives the number of tile stickers that you need to order.

    2D tile stickers

    Our 2D tile stickers come in 2 sizes - 15x15 cm and 20x20 cm. You should always try to match the tile size to your existing tile as much as possible so that you are not gluing over grout lines. 

    15x15 cm tiles

    1 square metre = 49 tiles (12 tiles will need to be cut to 15cm x 10cm and 1 tile cut to 10cm x 10cm)

    One square meter of 15x15 cm tiles

    20x20 cm tiles

    1 square metre = 25 tiles

    One square metre of 20x20cm tile stickers

    Slip Resistant Floor Tiles

    Our slip resistant floor tiles come in 2 shapes - hexagonal and rectangular. 

    Hexagonal Floor Tiles

    Each tile has the following dimensions:

    Hexagonal floor tile dimensions

    Depending on how you lay them out, 1 square metre = 33 tiles (approx.) with cutting of tiles around the edges to fit the space.

    One square metre of hexagonal floor tiles

    Rectangular Floor Tiles

    Each of our rectangular floor tiles is 120x60 cm. 1 square metre = 2 tiles with 20cm left over on two sides.

     One square metre of rectangular floor tiles