About Us

Are you tired of seeing all the renovation shows on TV where they knock down walls and totally change the appearance of the place? Knowing that you can’t do this to the home you’re in because you’re renting? Are you putting up with someone else’s idea of what your home should be? Let’s face it, a lot of rental properties have dodgy decor, poky layouts or boring bathrooms. Many landlords use beige or neutral colours because that appeals to a wide range of potential renters.

I’ve seen the struggle that my children have had with firstly finding places to rent and then being able to turn their rental into a comfortable home. Many times, they have just managed to settle in when the lease has run out and they have had to move again. Even with a long-term lease, they have been limited with what they can do to decorate their home.

Decorating a rental can be quite a challenge as you are limited in the changes you can make to existing features. Most landlords are not keen on their tenants drilling holes in the walls or repainting. This can make it hard for you to create a home that feels like your own without upsetting your landlord.

So, with the number of people renting in Australia and other Western countries slowly growing, I thought it was important to provide a one stop shop for renter friendly decor.

I started Removable Decor with a view to finding creative decorating solutions that are easy to install and take down again for those renting their homes. All decor provided through my store is removable and doesn’t require any nails, screws or drilling of holes.

I would love to hear from you with any ideas you have about decorating a rental or suggestions on products that you would like to see in the store.

You can contact me through the Contact Us page.


Australian Census Facts:

Australian census data from 2016 shows that the proportion of people renting (31%) is slowly growing.

While most renters are under 35 years old (more than 60% of the total), there is a growing trend for older Australians to rent their homes.

The number of Australians aged 65 and over who are private tenants is expected to more than double over the next 15 years.

Further, more Australians than ever are taking up apartment living with 59% of apartments in Australia being rented.