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Instructions for 2D Peel and Stick Tiles

Removable Decor’s 2D self-adhesive tile stickers are easy to peel and stick to any smooth, clean and dry surface. They leave no sticky residue behind after they are removed making them ideal for renters. You can decorate and then easily remove at end of lease.

Best Surfaces for Tile Stickers

Self-adhesive tile stickers are best suited to paint, ceramic tile, glass, metal, wood, plastic and other smooth surfaces. They will not attach well to damp walls, new paint or uneven walls. If you have just painted the wall, you should leave the paint to dry for at least 3 weeks before applying the tile stickers.


Following the 4 installation steps below will give the best results and your tile stickers will look great.

1.    Prepare:


Clean the surface where you want to place the stickers.
Ensure it is free of dust and grease.
This is especially important and a step that many forget.
Allow the surface to dry before installing the tile stickers.

2.    Peel and Stick:


Partially remove the sticker backing. Be careful not to touch the glue.
Line up in the desired position on the wall.
Slowly stick the tile from top to bottom removing the backing as you go.
Smooth out any air bubbles.

3.    Set:


This is a little trick to help extend the life of your sticker.
Use a hair dryer or similar on a medium setting (not too hot) to heat the sticker.
Wipe the surface of the sticker with a smooth cloth, sponge or squeegee to push out the air bubbles.
Push air bubbles from the centre to the edge to remove them.
This process will flatten the sticker and seal it to the surface.

4.    Discard:


Some of our glossy peel and stick tiles have a protective film on the surface of the sticker. If so, remove and discard the protective film.
If it is not removed, it will make the sticker look a little dull and it will start to peel over time.

Download a .pdf of Instructions for 2D Peel and Stick Tiles for printing.