3D marble mosaic tile in bathroom
3D marble mosaic tile in kitchen
3D marble mosaic tile behind sink
3D Premium Peel and Stick Tiles - Marble Mosaic
3D Premium Peel and Stick Tiles - Marble Mosaic

3D Premium Peel and Stick Tiles - Marble Mosaic

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These premium 3D gel tile stickers look like high quality marble tiles. They will bring that luxe look to your home.

Unlike other cheaper products, these gel tiles consist of 3 layers providing a high quality alternative to ceramic tiles.


  • can be used on shower walls

  • strong adhesive

  • thicker (2.5mm) than standard (1.2mm) tiles

  • no messy grout or special tools required. Simply peel & stick!

  • easy to cut with scissors or utility knife

  • easy clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent

  • waterproof and oilproof

  • heat resistant

Use them to modernise your old kitchen or bathroom at a fraction of the cost of real tile.

No tradesmen costs for removal of old tiles. No tiler costs for laying new. Easily do it yourself.

Stick over backsplash tiles or as a decorative border.


Each sheet is 30.5 cm x 30.5cm and includes a variety of white, black and grey tiles in a marble mosaic pattern.

Can be purchased as:

  • single sheet

  • pack of 5 sheets

  • pack of 10 sheets


Best applied over ceramic tiles or glass but can be applied over any flat clean surface (painted plastered walls, plastic, metal, glass or wood).

Not recommended for greasy or dirty surfaces, unfinished plaster walls, unpainted plywood, rough surfaces, newly painted walls. Wait a minimum of 3 weeks after painting.

They are heat resistant but should be kept away from direct flame like a gas cooktop (at least 20 cm).

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